City as classroom

City as classroom 2018-03-26T16:42:19+00:00

WeTell Summer School is a place of dialogue among students, professors and communities. The learning environment transcends the classroom walls and includes the outer world, its institutions, and its people.

Together, teachers, students and communities create a heterogeneous and inclusive body representing a variety of generations and experiences all equally significant.

Learning from each other

sharing stories, ideas, experiences and activities

talking to professionals and to community members

are intercultural must of this school.

Key to the school is the will to engage in open and collaborative learning, as well as the will to acknowledge and respect the diversity of thoughts, attitudes and customs. Practices of cooperative education will help students to develop horizontal skills as citizens of/in the world.

In Bologna, WeTell Summer School will take advantage from a series of local events and institutions focused on storytelling as a social practice including: Museums, Film Festivals, Cultural & Musical Events and many more. Details will be available soon. In the meantime, let’s start to discover Bologna: