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Have you ever thought of media as environment?

Do you know what is performative storytelling? 

How do you understand civic awareness within our global and globalized societies?

WeTell Summer School will help you to navigate these timing issues.

WeTell Summer School focuses on the art and practice of PERFORMATIVE STORYTELLING to promote civic awareness among European and International students living in a hyper-technological but unequal environment.

The media environment is not a neutral environment, nor it is equally accessible. Media as environment shape our views, our opinions and us. At WeTell Summer School we will investigate the newly born idea of “post-digital era”, as well as its various media. We will re-discover and re-evaluate traditional technologies in relation to the new digital ones because

New media do not replace old media; they complicate each other.

You will experience how the same story can trigger different effects depending also on its communicative technicalities. You will discover how every medium creates different messages.

Stories change our communities, our surroundings, and us. You will learn to construct your compelling and sustainable storytelling; you will become conscious performative storytellers.

Performative storytellers know how to listen to and engage with people and communities. They promote dialogue and engagement within communities, bring citizens together and capitalize on every individual’s ideas and dreams to help everyone move forward while working in a communal framework.

The role they play is key to our society’s needs as they discipline us to consider others and others’ stories, needs, and capabilities. They accustom us to diversity and complexity.

They help us value and appreciate the community’s human capital and teach us how to properly funnel it in vision of a better, more sustainable and more inclusive community.

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